About us

Good question. Well, in short, in Darwinians we are people who love nature as much as the city. We bet by the naturalness and also by the sophistication and the design. So is. We like homemade food and the most unexpected gastronomic fusions. Vinyl records and new technologies. Velázquez and Banksy. Eugenio and Monty Python. Martin Scorsesse and Luis García Berlanga. Contradictions? Can. But of those contradictions with which we enjoy so much, have been born some things of which we are very proud.

Like our handmade bikes by a family of more than 3 generations in which we will include the most amazing mobile applications, a radio station in which Aretha Franklin and Led Zepellin, Elvis Presley and the Ramones, Nina Simone and Depeche Mode, Or our Alley Cat Sneakers, the first sneakers with soul of field and urban spirit. Want to know some more?

The Alley Cat Sneakers are designed using the most advanced technology in ergonomics and comfort, with the most resiliant recycled materials and the most sophisticated design. Long live the contradictions.